I know firsthand how devastating, confusing, and invalidating pregnancy loss can be, so I created this very unique support.

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The truth is, I’m a lot of things but providing affordable and accessible miscarriage support and education is one of the things I’m most passionate about. In 2018 I experienced my first miscarriage at home and felt blindsided by the reality of giving birth at home. We had endured 18 months of trying to conceive and then had two consecutive miscarriages before welcoming our two living children. Once I had my oldest son, I realized how much grief and trauma I had left to process. So along my journey with healing, I created a business, resource, and space for others to heal in real-time.

So, I take it you’re here because you’re either looking for support or want to know more about what The Miscarriage Doula is, am I right? Check out these links and get started.


I’m a Bereavement Doula, Client Advocate, Podcaster, Mother, Virtual Friend, and Lover of Research

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These private sessions, taking place virtually over zoom and lasting for 60 minutes, bridge the gap between coaching and traditional therapy. Process your pregnancy loss experience with someone know has professional and personal knowledge of pregnancy loss and receive support as you move forward


Private Sessions

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Meeting weekly for 8-12 consecutive weeks led by a trained bereavement doula with personal experience with pregnancy loss. Cohorts begin every 2-3 months!

Virtual support groups led by bereavement doulas

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If you're looking for support but not ready to chat via zoom, this is the perfect place to start! From courses, guides, and freebies -- find support through whatever medium is best for you.

Self-Paced Courses & Digital Downloads

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Are you interested in learning more about supporting others through miscarriage and other types of pregnancy loss? Check out my certification course.

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What exactly is a miscarriage doula?

Let me tell you.

A miscarriage doula is someone who provides knowledgeable guidance and support to people who experience pregnancy loss at any gestation in pregnancy. They provide emotional and mental support through grief coaching and are trauma-informed individuals. At The Miscarriage Doula, we specifically aim to help clients process their pregnancy loss experience(s) and provide them with appropriate resources to help them navigate their "new normal."

The grief and trauma of pregnancy loss doesn't disappear overnight. We provide support for clients from miscarriage and through pregnancy after loss. I always say "babies don't replace babies"

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Thank you for the words of encouragement during this difficult time. I’m so touched with your thoughtful attention to what I’m going through. I sincerely appreciated the time we had during the session.

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One of the more painful aspects of my miscarriage journey was that I lost my baby at home and ultimately flushed the toilet, where their remains ended up.

Handling Your Baby’s Remains After Miscarriage

The most unwanted period is probably the period that follows a miscarriage. It’s a painful reminder of what you’ve lost and how you indeed aren’t pregnant anymore, plus — it can be triggering.

First Period After Loss: What to Expect

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