Pregnancy loss is often an isolating experience, we are here to walk through the grief and life after loss with you

Helping women navigate pregnancy loss & life after miscarriage

Following my journey with infertility (anovulatory cycles) and recurrent pregnancy loss, I gave birth to my first of two living children and felt a rush of grief. It was the first time I truly realized the impact of pregnancy loss and how life after miscarriage remains difficult even when you have a living child after a loss. I've been a virtual miscarriage doula for four years and started this work through social media, where I made myself readily available to anyone anticipating a miscarriage. In 2020 I became a Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula through Sisters in Loss and a Certified Trauma Support Specialist through the Arizona Trauma Institute. In December of that year, I virtually opened my doors as a miscarriage doula and have served almost 500 people.


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After her own infertility journey that included two first trimester births, Arden gave birth to her son, Cameron. Having made it through the thick of grief and pregnancy after loss, she knew that it was time to create a space where women are able to get the support that she never had. Founded in 2020, The Miscarriage Doula is just that — a place for any woman who feels alone in her miscarriage journey. Arden has four years of experience with helping women get through miscarriage and has worked to become a certified doula that focuses on the emotional and physical support of women who have experienced pregnancy loss along with extensive training in trauma response as it relates to miscarriage.

Bereavement Doula · Trauma Support Specialist

Arden Cartrette


Arden Cartrette


Thank you for the words of encouragement during this difficult time. I’m so touched with your thoughtful attention to what I’m going through. I sincerely appreciated the time we had during the session.

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One of the more painful aspects of my miscarriage journey was that I lost my baby at home and ultimately flushed the toilet, where their remains ended up.

Handling Your Baby’s Remains After Miscarriage

The most unwanted period is probably the period that follows a miscarriage. It’s a painful reminder of what you’ve lost and how you indeed aren’t pregnant anymore, plus — it can be triggering.

First Period After Loss: What to Expect

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