When Arden founded The Miscarriage Doula in 2020, she was a team of one and quickly learned that the need for miscarriage doulas was far greater than she could have ever imagined. So first, she brought Cassia on board, followed by Stephanie and Jay, each bringing different elements that felt needed in this space. With personal experience in first-trimester losses, second-trimester losses, recurrent pregnancy loss, secondary loss, pregnancy after loss, lactation after loss, and being on the NICU side of things -- our doulas bring the personable support mixed with professional knowledge on birth at all gestations.





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Arden is a Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula, Trauma-Informed Care Provider, and a Certified Trauma Support Person that focuses on the grief and trauma associated with pregnancy loss and life after. Following her own infertility journey beginning in 2017 and two miscarriages that followed, Arden started The Miscarriage Doula, LLC as a resource and service for women who were struggling to find support and validation within their journey.

Founder of The Miscarriage Doula & Miscarriage Doula Collective

Meet Arden

Cassia received her birth and postpartum doula certification in early 2021 and has spent the last year connecting with women at all stages of their stories. Through ongoing learning, mental health courses, trauma-informed care perspective and personal experience in infertility, pregnancy loss and being a mom to a 2 year old, Cassia offers a wide variety of knowledge and perspective. She is passionate about women feeling seen, heard and valued.

Bereavement, Birth,
and Postpartum Doula

Meet Cassia

Stephanie is a lactation consultant in training to become an IBCLC, as well as Birth and Bereavement Doula. Following her second trimester loss in 2019 she looked to help women and families find their voice through the grief. Through education and personal experience with motherhood after loss Stephanie offers different ways to navigate life after these experiences. She is passionate about building confidence in women and empowering them to navigate what comes next in their own way and provide them with the support needed when dealing with grief and loss on this journey.

Bereavement Doula
& Lactation Counselor

Meet Stephanie

Following years of army experience and working as a NICU RN, Jay brings us knowledge and experience as a nurse, military veteran, and military spouse. During her time in the active military, as well as in healthcare, resiliency and providing support for those experiencing various types of grief was pivotal. Jay believes in the power of connection through shared experiences and providing compassionate forms of support to women who have experienced pregnancy loss. From personal experience with loss, she is passionate about providing resources and knowledge for people throughout any stage of their journey. jay@themiscarriagedoula.co

Bereavement Doula &
Former NICU Nurse

Meet  Jay

Sarah is a certified bereavement doula with a wealth of knowledge and experience in fertility, recurrent miscarriage, and pregnancy after loss. Over two years, she experienced three miscarriages and had to advocate for herself by finding the right doctors to help her get to the root cause of her losses. As a result, she was able to conceive and welcome a living son at the end of 2021. Sarah is extremely passionate about helping others through similar struggles. She feels that connecting with someone who understands is one of the most valuable aspects of processing the grief that comes with pregnancy loss. sarah@themiscarriagedoula.co
*Listen to her journey with loss on Miscarriage Stories Podcast*

Bereavement Doula

Meet  Sarah

Alexandria is a certified bereavement doula with lots of experience in fertility, recurrent miscarriages, and pregnancy after loss. Over the past ten years, Alexandria has had two first-trimester losses and three second-trimester losses while also struggling with infertility. Alexandria feels strongly that all feelings are valid and that each person has time to heal mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. alexandria@themiscarriagedoula.co

Bereavement Doula

Meet Alexandria


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“It has been so lovely to talk through my grief. I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more functional through these weeks.”

"I would like to thank you for giving me a space to be raw and real, to be me, and to share my joy and sorrows with you."

- email from a recent client

"I stumbled upon your page on instagram after we had just been through our second loss and it was a breath of fresh air"

"I look forward to Wednesday nights and being able to connect with others and know I am not alone. To be able to vent about my week, share where I'm at and connect with others in all of this. The work you do is so important and means more than you know to so many people!"

“The services that The Miscarriage Doula has provided is so invaluable. Especially for women who have gone through loss during the pandemic."