Our unique (and very necessary) type of support assists with processing one's miscarriage experience, coping with what comes next, and supporting them through the days, weeks and months after loss. Providing a safe place for women and their partners through pregnancy loss at all gestations, trying to conceive after loss and subsequent pregnancies.

Private Sessions with a Bereavement Doula



You're in the right place, although it's not a place that I would ever wish for you to be. During my journey of pregnancy loss, I found it challenging to cope with the fact that I had lost a baby and experienced physical trauma, too. I needed someone to tell me what I felt was valid or standard and that I wasn't alone because it sometimes felt very lonely.

Through one-on-one coaching/counseling sessions, my team provides that for other people who are currently struggling with grief and trauma from miscarriage and pregnancy loss. Our doulas are here for you to bridge the gap between what traditional therapy is often missing and providing a personable style of support.

Choose from a team of doulas, schedule a time to talk, and sit in that safe place while you process your miscarriage experience out loud with someone who gets it.

i see you...

You're exhausted from grief, feeling unsure of what's normal, and seeking validation

Unlike other fertility-specific coaching programs, our doulas focus on all of your options by assisting you in thinking of what each outcome of your journey may look like and how you would cope with it

Grief Focused Coaching

All of our doulas are trained to intentionally ask questions that make you think and help you come to a solution that best fits your life

Solution Focused Questioning

Together we will work on setting goals, reaching milestones, and improving the daily habits that grief has highlighted or caused.

Improving Habits & Behaviors Through Grief

3 Ways Our Approach is Different...

Feeling as though a weight was lifted following just one session when given a space to openly discuss their miscarriage, grief, and trauma.

Ability to advocate for themselves with their medical team, friends, and family

Navigate difficult milestones like due dates, baby showers, or holiday events

Being less alone in their grief and having someone to reach out to when they are struggling the most

Results Our Clients See...

"Arden helps to validate every emotion you're feeling and helps you create a path forward without any judgement"


$75 initial
session fee

* discounted rate of $50 for each session following the initial appointment

+ 60 minute video call with your doula
+ Pertinent handouts, resources, and worksheets created by our founder
+ Discounted rates for follow-up sessions
+ Ability to receive support on an as-needed basis

what's included

Private support through ZOOM with one of our doulas, these sessions bridge gap of what traditional therapy is often missing for loss moms. You’re given the space to openly share your pregnancy & loss experience while receiving personable, professional emotional support as you navigate what comes next.

Private Sessions with a
Bereavement Doula


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“It has been so lovely to talk through my grief. I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more functional through these weeks.”

"I would like to thank you for giving me a space to be raw and real, to be me, and to share my joy and sorrows with you."

- email from a recent client

"I stumbled upon your page on instagram after we had just been through our second loss and it was a breath of fresh air"

"I look forward to Wednesday nights and being able to connect with others and know I am not alone. To be able to vent about my week, share where I'm at and connect with others in all of this. The work you do is so important and means more than you know to so many people!"

“The services that The Miscarriage Doula has provided is so invaluable. Especially for women who have gone through loss during the pandemic."

Have a question that you forgot to ask or have a quick update to share? Email your doula!

email access between calls

You'll receive links to resources discussed during your call along with customary created resources created by our team

customized resources

Coaching sessions are 1-hour long and face to face on Zoom. (Or we can chat on the phone if you prefer!)

1:1 video call with a doula

what sessions are like

Following my journey with infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss, I aimed to create a virtual resource and service for those walking through the path I had somehow survived.

Our medical system and society lack an empathetic (and experienced) form of support, which inspired The Miscarriage Doula.

Now with two living children, I help others walk through miscarriage while honoring the negative aspects of grief and loss.

meet  your doula!

I'm Arden — certified birth + bereavement doula, trauma support specialist, miscarriage educator, and loss mom.



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